We need EVERY family to fill out a meal application, whether you qualify or not.

Here are basic instructions for filling out the lunch app online:

1) go to website, SELECT "Get started"

2) ENTER zip code "90019", and LAUSD will automatically populate

3) Begin application process

4) FILL-In your name, Look at the USDA Income Eligibility


IF YOU QUALIFY: continue filling out the application. You will need you child's information. The school's name is listed as 6087-GALA.  (note: you won't find it under Girls Academic Leadership Academy).


IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY: You must continue filling out the application with your child/children's information. Do not click that you don't qualify... continue through the application. The application will not receive credit until you have submitted it with all spaces filled, including your e-signature.


5) Continue filling out the on-line application.

6) Check box, Write in your e-signature and SUBMIT.

Here is the link for the on-line meal app




Students receive Breakfast in the Classroom and lunch available in the cafeteria. To put money in your child's cafeteria account, visit:

For application to the Title 1 Meal My School Apps, scroll down. 


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