Senior Administrative Assistant

Email: dyb2926@lausd.net

Bio: Ms. Blannon has worked with LAUSD for 18 years. She has two sons and both have attended LAUSD from kindergarten to high school. She has experienced several different learning communities within the LAUSD system over the years and feels that LAUSD is an outstanding melting pot that supports and environment for lifelong learners. Her favorite color in the world is Purple!

daniel hernandez

Senior Office Tech

Email: daniel.hernandez10@lausd.net

Education: Bachelor of Science, Physics, Minor in Math, California State University Los Angeles

Bio:  Mr. Hernandez is brand new to LAUSD as of 2021 and is excited to be a member of both LAUSD and GALA. He loves animals and has 2 dogs and 4 cats. He speaks English, Spanish, some French, and is eager to learn other languages. During his free time, he enjoys taking walks with his dogs, playing video games, watching movies, tv shows, tinkering with home automation, and working on his Spider-Man cosplay.


Senior Office Tech

Email: k.guthriefulbrig@lausd.net 

Bio: TBA

alexander okoro

Financial Manager

Email: alexander.okoro@lausd.net

Education: TBA

Bio: Mr. Okoro is the financial manager for GALA and also supervises the student store, including the PE uniforms. 



Email: TBA

Education: TBA

Bio: TBA


RSP Aide

Email: matthew.rossell@lausd.net

Education: Bachelor of Special Education, University of Nebraska at Kearney


Bio: Mr. Rossell is the father of GALA goddess, Felix, and the husband of GALA teacher, Ms. Hemstreet, putting a new and literal meaning to being part of the “GALA family.” He had a long career in the animal protection movement, exposing abuses and helping pass animal protection laws. Now Mr. Rossell is circling back to where he started, working alongside Ms. Herz as an aide. He enjoys hiking, camping and rollerdogg’n with his pack of rescued dogs, but his main jam is rock climbing.

ms. harris


Email: TBA

Education: TBA

Bio: TBA

Rachel debiase, rn

School Nurse

Email: rachel.debiase@lausd.net

Education: Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Seattle University


Bio: Ms. DeBiase is brand new to LAUSD as of 2020 and is very excited to be a part of the GALA family! Rachel grew up in Oak Park, California and moved to Seattle, Washington for college. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from Seattle University and her RN license, she moved back to Los Angeles. Ms. DeBiase is excited to begin her profession supporting students as a school nurse. Her professional history is in administrative work and luxury retail. Outside of work, Ms. DeBiase’s interests include fashion, interior design and collecting oddities. Rachel spends a lot of time baking and hanging out with her cat, Miu Miu. Rachel’s pronouns are she/her and prefers to be called Nurse Rachel!