Most of our electives occur in the 7th period, 4 days per week. 

For the GALA 7th Period Elective Handbook, CLICK HERE.


SIXTH GRADE: Not listed here is our 6th Grade Elective wheel. Students are required to do this wheel and then have a choice of the electives below in addition the wheel. The wheel can change each year. For 2021-2022, the wheel is: Creative Writing, Music, Horticulture, and Computer Science.

SPANISH: Spanish is available to some 7th and 8th graders, with priority to our High School students that need 2 years of language to graduate.

MUSIC: Music is available to 7th grade and up as an elective during the academic day if the student is not taking Spanish. 6th graders wanting music can take Chorus as a 7th period elective and will also be in their elective wheel.

ARCHITECTURE: The study of design and engineering is available during the academic day. More info HERE.

AFTER SCHOOL: We offer other classes after school (for credit) through the West LA College. In the past these courses have included Art/Drawing, Art History, and American Sign Language.


An introduction to the aerospace industry and aeronautics. From the physics and mechanics of flight and launch to satellites and orbits. Students taught how to use GALA’s on-campus flight simulators to simulate flight patterns and landings. Hands-on projects may include basic rocketry, flight vehicle and payload design, and aerodynamic wind tunnel testing of a flying toy plane.

No application required.


As a team, write, develop, produce and film weekly Good Morning GALA broadcast. Students learn to build a weekly news/entertainment show, research stories, film segments, and editing the final product. The team uses the campus, as well as, our Broadcast "green screen" room. 

No application required.


Students in Engineering learn how to think and design like an engineer with hands-on projects in mechanical and civil engineering. Learn about the different kinds of engineers and the career pathways. They work as a team to participate in MATE Underwater Roving Vehicle competition and other competitions. They also participate in rocketry.

No Application.


Students learn the basic concepts of graphic design, color theory, elements of design, principals of design, production, and how to apply these concepts to produce graphic products consistent with industry standards. Students will also learn of career choices in the field of Graphic Communications and entrepreneurial aspects of graphic arts

No application required.

Graphic Arts

Middle School

Students explore mathematical concepts that are not typically taught in the everyday math classroom through games, demonstrations, and projects. Activities will support classroom learning, enrich skills with higher order thinking and problem solving, and prepare students for future competitions such as the Math Olympiad and other math-oriented competitions.

No application required.


Pentathalon provides opportunities for middle school students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual academic competitions. Designed to include students from all achievement levels, team members compete in five events connected by a themes. Overall individual winners are recognized as are winning teams. Teams advance through regional and state levels of competition. 

No application required.


Students in Middle School Speech explore principles of public speaking and creative speech writing. They work on oral presentation skills and present original writing.

No application required.

Not available for 2021-2022


This course examines the role of women in society from historical, literary and social perspectives. Students review advertising, media and social media to gain perspective of how societal expectations are shaped for girls and women, role of women and their involvement in health, history, and political activism,  and gender stereotypes.


No application required.

NOTE: Not available for 2021-2022

Women's Studies

Provides students with an understanding of architecture through design, computer-aided drawing (CAD), architectural history, and meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and sustainable (green) tech. Students use practical experience through CAD, architectural history projects, green based design projects, and ADA based challenges to demonstrate knowledge in the fields of architecture and engineering. Students design structures to solve real-world problems while implementing technology to prepare their solutions. 


Prerequisite: Engineering Dynamics

Architecture Design 2

The course develops the skills necessary for ensemble singing. Students will sing with appropriate technique and expression. Music will represent a variety of genres and time periods, including sacred music (spirituals and gospel music), secular music, world/multicultural music, folk music, and novelty music (including popular music and Broadway show tunes). Students should be available for the Winter and Spring concerts.

No Application Required.


Environmental Science explores principles of environmental science. Students build foundational knowledge in the principles of botany, ecology, agriculture, and geology.  In addition, they plan and execute the GALA Earth Day festival in Spring semester.

No application required.

Environmental Studies

The course includes problem solving skills, artistic perception, critical thinking and self-reflection as students apply the principles of design and elements of art using industry standard software. Projects include page layout, word processing, media techniques, digital illustration, vector drawing, photomontage, and photo touch/restoration as they provide students with a professional environment and responsibilities as beginning graphic designers.

This is not a 7th period elective, it is an elective during periods 1-6.

No application required.

Graphic Design 1

High School

Provide leadership for the Middle School Student Council and High School Associated Student Body. Students work in teams to plan and execute school events. These events include Spirit Week, Club Rush, Dances, Earth Day, etc.

6th Grade Application Required. For the form, click HERE.


All other grades elected into student council / ASB the previous school year.


Dive deep into poetry… write, read, perform, and record dynamic poetry. Students will be selected to represent GALA in the Poetry Slam competition at the end of the year. Poetry team students must be available for December and Spring performance.

No application required.

Poetry Slam

This course is designed to give students an awareness of health careers and preparation for physical therapy and sports medicine occupations. Instruction covers such topics as: medical terminology; anatomy; emergency procedures; soft tissue and bone injuries; causes, symptoms and management of injuries; nutrition; physical fitness; and career opportunities.

This class is not a 7th period elective and offered during periods 1-6.

No application required.

Sports Medicine

Work as a team to conceptualize, write, photograph, design and document the school yearbook. Students should have an attention to detail, design, and writing.

No application required.


Bio Medical Technology:  Empahise problem solving in topics such as anatomy, forensics, bio technology and bio medical innovations. Bio-medical tackles big challenges to make the world a better place. 


No application required.


The focus is on the creation and performance of original student dance works and learning of and performance of choreographic works of others. Students will engage in the processes of creation, rehearsal, and performance of dance pieces; develop ensemble skills; deepen movement recall skills; and refine performance skills. 

Audition Required.

Dance Audition Instructions,

click HERE.

Dance Audition Submission Form: 



Students will engage in ongoing, collaborative discussions with their classmates about challenging issues including race, culture, language, and equity. Teachers draw on and value students' cultural backgrounds by learning about their students' lives and making connections between school learning and their students' experiences, backgrounds, and interests.

No application required.

Ethnic Studies

Students study the principles of print and online journalism as they examine the role of news media in our society. They learn investigative skills, responsible reporting, and journalistic writing techniques.

Middle School students responsible for the annual literary magazine.

High School students responsible for the monthly GALA newspaper.

No application required.


The emphasis is to develop student achievement through the study of comparatively simple orchestra literature.  The course also emphasizes learning music from many cultures and regions. There are two sections in this class. 


This class will not be a 7th period elective for 2021-2022, but will be offered during periods 1-6.

Orchestra Ensemble

There are two separate classes/teams for Middle School and High School. Students learn how to build and code robots and work as a team to participate in competitions. Students will have access to a classroom dedicated to the robotics competition field. Must be available for some after school work and weekend competition. Click HERE for more info.

No application required.


In this class, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of theatre arts.  Students will use various creative drama techniques to build confidence and trust, stimulate imagination, movement, and role-play.  Through theatre games and activities, students will learn to lose inhibitions, gain trust in themselves, as well as others in their groups.

No application required.

NOTE: Not available for the 2021-2022 school year. 


Youth and Law: Participate in a Mock Trial competition where you will learn about the legal profession, diplomacy, and all aspects of the legal profession. Must be available for some weekend competitions.

No application required.

Youth In Law

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