One of the most frequently asked questions we get on school tours is... "Will there be dances?" Yes! Every year, we have an 8th Grade Spring Dance, a High School Homecoming Dance, and The Prom! Dances are student-led and organized by the student leadership elective.




The High School winter Homecoming Dance comes after our Pep Rally, supporting all of our athletes. The dance is traditionally the last Friday before Thanksgiving Break and is open to 9th-12th grades.

8th grade spring dance

The 8th Grade Spring Dance is is traditionally in April. 

junior & senior prom

2019-2020 marks the first year for a GALA 12th grade, thus the first year for a prom. Due to Covid, we were unable to have an official Prom but we look forward to having our first in-person Prom soon! Our Proms will take place at a private venue.

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