Introducing, the premier issue of "Purple on Grey," published by the 6th grade Journalism class of 2016-2017!


The class asked the core questions in Media Literacy such as:

Who are media messages constructed for?

How different people understand the same media messages differently?  

And what variety of creative techniques are used to attract the attention of the reader?


We researched how to cover one news story from a variety of perspectives and learned to define and discern "fake news."  We culminated the school year with the creation of this online literary magazine, asking for submissions from the entire student body and adding our own creative efforts. 


The theme of this issue is "Culture."  At GALA, we believe diversity is one of our strengths and we wanted to express the idea of celebrating our cultural variety. The cover design (drawn by India Foxworth, class of 2023) was chosen for its beautiful representation of this theme. 



Our GALA team has been selected to be a part of Girls Build LA!  GBLA is a program where girls in Middle School and High School are arranged into teams Civic Engagement and Leadership, or College Access and STEM Education. GALA's team decided to focus in College Access and STEM Educacation because only 24% of women are in STEM. In 2014 only 3% of highschool girls were interested in engineering. Girls have gotten lower SAT scores in math for 40 years. It is even worse for African American girls and Native Americans.


The GALA teams is writing a book of short stories. The book is going to be around 50 pages with illustrations. We are encouraged to do this because young girls aren't seeing many female role models in STEM fields, which can lead to male dominence in STEM. Follow our website social media to find this out ahead of time. http://teambtw.weebly.com/



Empowering Leadership Through STEAM


Million Women Mentors and Senator Holly Mitchell has partnered with GALA's 9th grade!


The Women’s Institute for Girls (WIG) aims to help young female residents of Senator’s Holly J. Mitchell’s Central and South Los Angeles district develop and successfully pursue careers of their choice. The Institute provides support networks, offers exposure, and emphasizes academic excellence. http://sd30.senate.ca.gov/WIG




At a Women in STEM symposium earlier this year, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that GALA was chosen to initiate the SPARK Program in Los Angeles to provide an engaging curriculum for GALA students that includes engineering and design challenges to create interest for STEM. Heather Repenning, Board of Public Works Commissioner. “This innovative program engages middle-school students in hands-on activities with industry practitioners to generate excitement and interest to pursue STEM careers in the design, construction and engineering of public infrastructure projects.” See below for GALA and SPARK in the news!







GALA is introducing the second semester Classical Architecture strand to our history classes. Girls will be studying about classical tradition in architecutre. The girls below are drawing ancient ruins using ornamental motifs.





Globalizing the classroom, Level Up Village connects GALA students with peers in other countries – students exchange video letters with their global partner students and collaborate on projects.  The 9th grade students exchanged ideas with students in India and the 6th grade students read "I am Malala" and exchanged ideas about the book with students in Kenya.



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