Welcome to the first all-girls public STEM school within Los Angeles Unified School District and the state of California!


OUR SCHOOL: GALA opened in August 2016 with grades 6 and 9, and grew 2 grades per year to its current SPAN  in 2020 (grades 6-12). We are an LAUSD school and welcome all girls who are committed to a highly rigorous, college preparatory curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

LOCATION: GALA is located in a separate building on the campus of historic Los Angeles High School in the mid-city area. Although a separate facility, we have the use of many of the wonderful facilities on the campus, including an Olympic sized swimming pool, regulation tennis courts, a full-size track, and a theater.


TEACHERS: GALA faculty are some of the best teachers in Los Angeles who are committed to providing  the highest academic preparation, utilizing an individualized whole-child approach to bring out the strengths in all of our young women.  Advisories, the foundation of our approach, meet daily to provide academic, social-emotional and leadership skills.


ACADEMICS: GALA’s academic rigor includes a rich college preparatory humanities education with an emphasis on science, math, and technology. Girls at GALA are expected to challenge themselves and their peers to reach the highest level of intellectual preparation, and at the completion of their studies be accepted to a four-year University of their choosing. 


ACADEMIC AND COLLEGE COUNSELING: GALA has a dedicated counseling team, including a full-time college counselor. Included in this team are teacher advisors who, over the seven years prepare all of our young women to develop the skills, application support, and financial aid opportunities to achieve in college and university.


CORPORATE AND COMMUNITY SPONSORS: GALA’s extensive community and educational partnerships ensure that GALA students have access to the latest technology and career preparation in STEM fields, access to leadership training, and post-secondary pathways.


We welcome you to the Girls Academic Leadership Academy

– a place where girls love to be smart, self-confident and successful !




We are proud to be an affiliate school with Student Leadership Network. Student Leadership Network supports two life-changing programs that empower students to break the cycle of poverty through education. The Young Women's Leadership Schools: A high-performing network of all-girls public secondary schools and CollegeBound Initiative: A comprehensive college guidance program for young women and men. www.studentleadershipnetwork.org/



The National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) is the leading advocate for girls' schools, connecting and collaborating globally with individuals, schools, and organizations dedicated to educating and empowering girls. www.ncgs.org

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