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mission & vision


Through a highly rigorous college preparatory curriculum, the Girls Academic Leadership Academy: Dr. Michelle King School for STEM (GALA) provides girls with a clear pathway to college in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Girls graduate from GALA with a strong, confident, and independent voice, with collaborative and compassionate leadership skills, and with a sense of self and community.



Recognizing that an achievement and participation gap exists in LAUSD between female and male students in STEM related disciplines; that women are underrepresented in STEM-related fields and careers; that a single-gender academy increases the diversity of California’s public educational offering, and that research shows that an all-girls school has a significant impact on the academic achievement and self-confidence of young women, GALA provides a highly rigorous college preparatory STEM- focused education in an all-girls environment based on voluntary enrollment that fosters academic excellence, ethical leadership, and intellectual curiosity. GALA instills the core values of excellence, leadership, and wellness throughout the school.


core values

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Through research-based curriculum imbued with the best strategies for girls as learners, all students are expected to challenge themselves and their peers to reach the highest level of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.


With leadership, ethical, and moral values embedded throughout the school, all students are expected to be courageous and compassionate leaders within their classroom, school, and community.



Students are provided with curriculum, skills, and guidance in social-emotional intelligence, health, and wellness. They are expected to make responsible choices regarding their social, emotional, and physical health and the health and well being of the school community.


Our school community believes in the utmost importance of honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior. All students are expected to reach the highest level of personal behavior and develop a sense of responsibility to the school community.

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