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The GALA Science department begins with 6th grade Earth Science and includes 9th grade AP Biology and High School AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science.

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middle school

Our Science curriculum is through Stanford Scale. In 6th, through project-based units using phenomena students will have opportunities to generate their own questions to motivate and build on their sense-making and problem solving skills. Projects allows students to apply what they've learned to delve deeper into the intersection of social justice, science, and the "greater good".

In 7th grade, students explore science and scientific skills through a medical lens.  Pathways to Medicine works with 7th grade teaching them skills such as diagnosing patients, suturing, administering an IV, and administering injections.

In 8th, more exploration into the Earth, plants, and animals, delving into the ways we, as humans, might contribute to environmental problems and how these problems might affect certain populations more than others.

high school

Our High School science continues to build on scientific skills learned in Middle School. 9th grade has the opportunity to take AP Biology, a unique feature to GALA.

 Courses include...

Biology and AP Biology. 

Chemistry and AP Chemistry

Physics and AP Physics

AP Environmental Science

Sports Medicine (elective)

Bio-Technology (elective)



GALA has a unique High School elective, Bio-Medical Technology which explore concepts of Biology and medicine including medical interventions. This elective also has unique field trips for hands-on learning with medical professionals.

sports medicine

GALA has a class designed for students interested in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, fitness, exercise physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and other sports medicine related fields.

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