lunch clubs

Specialized clubs based on the interest of the girls take place during lunch. Clubs change each year based on student interest and teacher sponsorship. Have an idea for a club? You just need 5 club members and a teacher sponsor! Each year, clubs change based on interest of the students. For questions about clubs, contact the leadership teacher, Mr. Harpole.

(Pictured: "Dog Lovers Club"!)



Coding Club

Girls interested in coding and technology.

Contact: Mr. Landa

National Honor Soc.

Academic Excellence and community service.

Library Club

Meeting with authors and sharing books.

Contact: Ms. Harris

Creative Writing

Students who love writing.

Contact; Ms. Hemstreet

Harry Potter Club

Muggles and Wizards are welcome!

Contact; Ms. Petrich


Current Events

Following current events globally and locally.

Contact: Ms. Houghton

Ethical Fashion

Educating about ethical fashion and how to shop smart.

Contact: Ms. Knopfler

Wishing Well

Fundraising and awareness to bring clean drinking water.

Contact: Mr. Gonzalez

Environmental Activists

Educating the community about the climate crisis.

Contact; Ms. McFadden

Social Awareness

Exploring relevant topics in the world. Researching fake news.

Contact: Mr. Harpole

Environmental Comm.

Make the planet a better place in the Environmental Committee!

Contact: Ms. McFadden

Students Deserve

Social justice in the schools and in the community.

Contact; Ms. Herz


Art Club

Art, drawing, painting!

Contact; Ms. Lee

Dance with Passion

Students who love dance will choreograph and perform.

Contact; Ms. Artis

Hamilton Club

Fans of "Hamilton" the musical meet in this club.

Contact: Ms. Clark

Broadway Club

Learning and celebrating Broadway musicals.

Contact: Mr. Gonzalez


Making slime, jewelry, and all things DIY.

Contact: Ms. Castro

Music Club

Enjoying music, performance, and fundraising.

Contact: Ms. Truher

Curator's Club

Create and showcase art and artistic endeavors.

Contact; Ms. Clark

Glow up

Showing your creativity through he art of make-up.

Contact; Mr. Mulka


Asian Student Alliance

Celebrating Asian culture, lifestyle, and history.

Contact: Mr. Landa

Ethnicity Club

Embracing cultures in a safe space.

Contact: Ms. Hemstreet

Black Student Union

Celebrating black culture, lifestyle, and history.

Contact; Ms. Adrianne

Spectrum Club

We welcome everyone. Straight and LGBT.

Contact: Mr. Harpole

Latin American SO

Celebrating Latin culture, lifestyle, and history.

Contact: Ms. Hemstreet

Students Deserve

Social justice in the schools and in the community.

Contact; Ms. Herz



Tour Guides and Media Reps. Not an official club. If interested, contact: Ms. Leslie

Key Club

Enhance leadership skills and increase confidence.

Contact: Ms. Ragozzino

Mock Trial

This popular club works toward legal competitions.

Contact; Ms. Hemstreet


Cooking Club

Sharing the love of food, cooking, and baking.

Contact: Ms. Eckel

Harry Potter Club

Muggles and Wizards welcome!

Contact: Ms. Petrich

Dog Lovers Club

Students who love dogs meet to share their passion.

Contact: Ms. Ragozzino

Social Media

Learning how to manage and grow social media.

Contact: Ms. Leifield

Dungeons and Dragons

Students with a love for the game.

Contact; Ms. Fernandes


Boxing Club

Learning about self-defense and boxing.

Wellness Club

Finding creative ways for students to be stress-free.

Girls Can Skate

Girls who love to skate.

Students Run LA

Marathon training through Students Run LA.

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