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The Echo is the student run newspaper of Girls Academic Leadership Academy, a pioneering all girls’ school that is the first of its kind. Ambitious, curious, and full of wonderful qualities is a way to both describe the school and the newsroom that hosts 27 reporters, editors, and website designers. From our graphic designers, to our reviewers and critics, The Echo has found a way to fuse fun and hard work with the love of journalism at every level. Using our previously learned knowledge of the 1st amendment and how important voicing our concerns and keeping our voices alive is, we have decided that we must not take for granted the fact that we are not beaten or shut down for giving our honest opinion on the world. We have created an outlet for expression and creativity, that we are glad to share with you. As our name suggests, we are the voice that keeps going, spreading, informing, helping, and working. We hope that you find interesting and useful articles here.

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