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All current parents are welcome to attend any meetings.


What is the School Site Council?

SSC is a collaborative body through which the 12 members make sure the mission of the school is achieved. They assess educational needs, the budget, school effectiveness, and promotes positive cooperation between the school, teachers, and parents. The SSC members and officer are: 3 9th grade students, 4 teachers, 3 parents, 1 Principal, and 1 school employee representative.


Liz Hicks - Principal

Katie Clark - Teacher

Ashley Fernandes - Teacher

Lindsay Herz - Teacher

Arden Houghton - Teacher

Dana Blannon - SAA

Rosibel Ruiz - Parent

Emma Stashin - Parent

David Weissman - Parent

Benita Horn - Parent

Ella Salim - Student

Audrey Solarz - Student

current agendas

past agendas




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