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To search for carpool options in  your area, log into your account using a desktop or laptop. Click "Directory" and enter the zip code into the search area. The Zip code search is not set up for mobile devices. There may be some families that are in your area that have not logged their zip code in so also ask in your Advisory class. Also search for zip codes in your surrounding neighborhoods. Many GALA families meet at a central location (a school, library, or right off freeway) for their carpool pick up and drop off.


One Tuesday of every month (8:30am) is "Coffee with the Principal" where you can ask questions and get updates from the Principal. This meeting is live-streamed. Links are emailed to current parents the evening before the meeting. FOG all-parent meetings directly follow the Principal meeting.


There are many ways to get information at GALA! Before you call the office, please look for your answers first on these forms of communication...



COFFEE WITH THE PRINCIPAL: 2nd Tuesday of every Month

PARENT DIRECTORY/Newsletters: A Newsletter goes out every Sunday. A mid-week email goes out most weeks Tuesday-Thursday.

FACEBOOK Private Parent Group: To join this group, you must be in the parent directory, MembershipToolkit. All requests are cross-checked with the directory. If your Facebook name is different than the name in the directory, please let us know.  This group is for current parents only, no students. Find the link on the communications flyer in your purple Registration Folder.

SOCIAL MEDIA: official public GALA pages

Facebook: @GALAcademy

Instagram: @GALA_los_angeles

Twitter: @GALAcademy

SCHOOLOGY: For your student grade info, make a Passport account and access Schoology.

MEMBERSHIPTOOLKIT: This is a parent-run database. MySchoolAnywhere (the original database) merged with this company). If you are a current parent, use the same email you used for MySchoolAnywhere to sign up for a new account and your data will be there. The PDF below will be updated to include the new MTK info.


GALA students can bring a lunch from home or buy in the cafeteria. They may not order food from any online vendor or bring food that needs to be microwaved. 


PARENT DIRECTORY: Our original directory, MySchoolAnywhere, merged with Membership Toolkit and all data transferred. You can go to This is a directory for current parents ONLY and every entry will be cross-checked with the office for access. 


Safety is our number one priority. Adhering to these procedures ensures the safety of our students.

- Cars must travel southbound on West Blvd to load and unload students in the carpool lane. 

- There are crosswalks at the corner of West/Olympic and at West/Edgemar. Please use them.

- NO U-TURNS on West Blvd.

- NO double parking on West Blvd.

- NO parking in neighbor driveways.

- NO waiting or parking on the east side of West Blvd.

- NO parking in cafeteria loading dock.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Students can get discounted Metro passes for the buses and trains through the Metro site at


School Supply List for 2018-2019 will be posted by beginning of August 2018. 


As a new school adding 200 students every year until full capacity, Friends of GALA asks EVERYONE to volunteer during the year to assist with school events, fundraising, teacher/student support, admin, beautification, etc. There are ways to help from your home or office and volunteering on campus. Please fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to help. Time, Treasure, and Talent... please give one or all three!


Yearbooks are on sale now.

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Below, find a PDF for the Parent Involvement policy and the Title 1 School involvement policy. Parent Involvement Policy/Compact mailed 12/1/17.


“GALA: Where girls love to be SMART, SELF-CONFIDENT, and SUCCESSFUL.”


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